Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

Safaris to Kidepo valley National Park are some of the best for tourists who want to explore a virgin landscape and at the same time see the best of what the wilderness has to offer. The best way that one can explore the National Park is by having a planned itinerary and we normally recommend that you spend at least 4 days that is 3 nights and 4 days so that you can exhaust all the activities that are carried out in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo valley National Park has abundant wildlife that makes it the perfect getaway for tourists on a safari to Uganda. The National Park is home to about 450 recorded bird species and several animal species which include zebras, elephants, wild dogs, buffaloes, leopards, lions, and cheetahs among others. Due to its remote location, the National Park gets fewer visitors as compared to the other National Parks making it the best destination for tourists who want to avoid crowds.

The four days safari is meant for tourists who want to visit the National Park either by use of a chartered plane or those that would prefer to drive from Kampala to Kidepo using the different routes that lead to the National park. The safari gives you ample time to explore the National Park and also get time to explore other tourist attractions like the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and Murchison Falls National Park that you find along the way as you drive to Kidepo.

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Full itinerary

Below is a full itinerary of the 4 days safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.

4 days road Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

Come and experience the unforgettable wilderness of Kidepo valley National Park in just 4 wonderful days. The National Park is located in the north-eastern part of Uganda and on a drive here, you will be able to see different wildlife species and below is a detailed itinerary of the four days that you will spend in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Day 1: the journey will start early in the morning when our tour guide picks you up and we will use the Kampala to Karuma to Gulu to Kitgum to Kidepo. The journey is about 10 hours long and we might reach the Park late. Once we get to the National Park, you will be driven to your accommodation so that you get to prepare for the next day. Some of the tourist attractions that you get to see while driving to Kidepo include Murchison Falls National Park and Ziwa Rhino sanctuary among others.

Day 2: After breakfast, you will set off for a morning drive around the National Park where you get to enjoy the great views of the many bird species that are found in the Park and animals like Zebras, elephants, lions, jackals, and Buffaloes among others. The drive will take you through the Narus Valley, the Kidepo valley, and Murongole Mountain. All these places will be visited in two phases that is the morning drive and the evening drive that starts at around 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and then go for dinner and refresh for the next day.

Day 3: After breakfast, we shall drive through the National ad explore the villages and get to experience their unique way of life thereafter we shall go for a nature walk around the park in the designated areas. Later on in the evening, we will drive from Kidepo and spend the night in Gulu city.

Day 4: this is the last day of your safari and after breakfast, we shall drive from Gulu, and make a stopover at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary before continuing to either the airport or your hotel marking the end of your safari.

4 days fly-in Kidepo valley National Park safari

Day 1: you will be picked from your accommodation by a tour guide to the airport where you will be briefed about what to expect before the flight takes off for Kidepo valley National Park. The flight takes about one and a half or two hours and you will either land at the Apoka airstrip or the Kidepo airport where a safari vehicle will be waiting for you. Lunch will be served before you head out for an afternoon game drive where you will see animals like buffalos, zebras, elephants, giraffes, and many more others including several bird species.

Day 2: day two is all about getting to explore the National Park starting very early in the morning. After breakfast, we shall drive to the Narus River where a huge crowd of animals can be found searching for food and water and not forgetting the birds. From the Narus valley, we shall drive to the Kidepo valley to view other animal species and get to explore the vast landscape here. Lunch will be served at noon and in the afternoon, we will continue with the evening drive until 6:00 pm then retire to the accommodation facility. Note that no matter how many game drives you to take around the National Park, each will be unique because you might get to see species that were absent on your previous drive.

Day 3: After breakfast, we shall start with a short early morning drive before continuing the Morungole Mountain where the Ik community lives. Day 3 is all about exploring the cultures of the local people living around the National Park. Visit the IK people who live in the valleys of Morungale Mountain and get to experience the unique culture that they exhibit starting with the welcoming songs and dance, their unique homesteads, and way of life. After spending about two hours with the Ik, visit the Karamojong villages which have a similar culture to the Masai of Kenya.

Day 4: this is the last day of your safari and it will start with a heavy breakfast at the Apoka lodge, a nature walks, and thereafter a game drive through the National Park before being taken to the airport or airstrip and flown back to Entebbe.